Why choose us? We have over 50 years combined experience in the Australian water filtration and purification industry and have consistently assisted people in finding the most cost effective and sustainable water filtration solutions for drinking, irrigation, aquariums, laboratory and dental use from our Water Filter Factory in Queensland. 

What we do


Our water filtration and reverse osmosis products conform to stringent quality requirements as stipulated by The Public Health and Safety Company (NSF), the International Water Quality Association (WQA) and in many cases the American Food and Drug Administration legislation (FDA).

We offer a wide range of purifying filters, ro membrane purifiers, reverse osmosis purification systems and other treatment devices available on the market today. In reality, there is no single filter or filtration system that will eliminate every contaminant from your water. Many filters target only a specific type of contaminant and may be completely ineffective against filtering others. Typically, most higher-end filtration systems including reverse osmosis systems use a combination of filters and filtering technologies to achieve the best results .

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